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Who Are We?
Gold Shield Alliance LLC (GSA) has discovered a rapid method that can immediately stop financial actions against you; guide your lender to settle your outstanding balance without harm to the lender; cease all collections against you; remove liens, levies, lawsuits, garnishments and improve your credit score.  Recommended for accounts already in arrears.   Results will vary.  All processes are done on a "best efforts" basis.
GSA is an administrative services organization.  We are not a debt collection agency or law firm and do not offer legal, tax, accounting or investment advice.


Witness Affidavit

Please notice we have added another option for Canadians to submit their affidavits utilizing 2 witnesses.  Should you have difficulties finding a notary to notatize your document, you may submit the "witness" form.

It is beyond the scope of the notary to question or even inquiry about the content of a document, but only to validate you are the actual signer of a document.  Ocassionally, a notary is misdirected to do improper actions and refuse to follow their notary oath.  They can be held accountable for such actions.

Should such an instance occur with yourselves, you now have an alternative.

I've Submitted a Process, Now what?

If your situation is close to a sheriff's sale, you might consider doing a bankruptcy proceeding to gain some time for the GSA process to implement.

However, we suggest not engaging with your challengers either verbally or in writing.  The GSA process empowers you and places the challenger into the defendant position to follow directives.  Anything you say may only weaken your position.  Defer all communication to GSA.

We are presenting your challengers something new to many and it will take them some time to understand the laws now apply to them and not you.  They are now responsible to settle the debts to $0 or they are liable.

GSA Notice

GSA Users:

1) Did you enter your FCUSA member number?  If not be sure to do so or acquire one in not a member.

2) Did you enter your GSA order number?  if not be sure to place your order first from the link on the instruction column and acquire your order number.

3) Take great care in providing the relevant data in the fields EXACTLY as asked.  No more... no less.  We are finding many are entering more than a name and title in the CEO fields.  This will slow your process.

4) Canadians: When providing a Canadian address for your respondent, be sure to also enter "Canada" as part of the address.


We thank you for your understanding.  These enhancements will greatly improve the acceptance of your documents.

Freedom In Action

Gold Shield Alliance


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Take control of your financial future by stopping unwarranted attacks by banks, the IRS (US), the CRA (Canada), attorneys, bill collectors and lawsuits.

Then, direct the settlement of your struggling bank loans, IRS and CRA debt plus restore your credit simultaneously. 

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