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Who Are We?
Gold Shield Alliance LLC (GSA) has discovered a rapid method that can immediately stop financial actions against you; guide your lender to settle your outstanding balance without harm to the lender; cease all collections against you; remove liens, levies, lawsuits, garnishments and improve your credit score.  Recommended for accounts already in arrears.   Results will vary.  All processes are done on a "best efforts" basis.
GSA is an administrative services organization.  We are not a debt collection agency or law firm and do not offer legal, tax, accounting or investment advice.


Thank's for Being a Winner!

We accept only Winners energy as a protocol on all our live calls, phone calls, chat and email communication. Please realize we did not create any of your lifelong issues.   Should you discover you are exhibiting "Whiner" characteristics, please sign-up for QE to address the root and release your early life stressors.  When you communicate with us, please be courteous.  This way, we all win.  Thank you for your consideration.

The planet is in the throes of massive change at every level imaginable:  physical Earth changes, financial changes, emotional changes, economic and political unrest, religious revelations and even our own bodies are transforming to a lighter energy.

So, how does one deal with massive change as it is now escalating 20 times quicker?


A typical whiner has the following characteristics:

  • they want to blame others for their problems
  • they want someone else to fix their problems
  • they aren't willing to dig in and do what needs to be done
  • they procrastinate
  • they are outwardly driven by others, the government, friends, etc.
  • they do not take responsibility for solving their own issues
  • they 'hope' rather 'intend'
  • they look at how things were and resist change
  • they focus on the problem not the solution
  • they avoid Prosperity calls, QE and Coaching
A typical winner has these characteristics:
  • they accept their 'challenges' as an opportunity
  • they step up and address their own 'challenges'
  • they are willing to dig in and do what needs to be done
  • they are pro-active
  • they are inwardly driven by themselves from the heart
  • they do take responsibility for solving their own issues
  • they 'intend' rather 'hope'
  • they look at how things can be and create change
  • they focus on the solution not the problem
  • they grow from Prosperity calls, QE and Coaching


Freedom In Action

Gold Shield Alliance


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Take control of your financial future by stopping unwarranted attacks by banks, the IRS (US), the CRA (Canada), attorneys, bill collectors and lawsuits.

Then, direct the settlement of your struggling bank loans, IRS and CRA debt plus restore your credit simultaneously. 

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