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Who Are We?
Gold Shield Alliance LLC (GSA) has discovered a rapid method that can immediately stop financial actions against you; guide your lender to settle your outstanding balance without harm to the lender; cease all collections against you; remove liens, levies, lawsuits, garnishments and improve your credit score.  Recommended for accounts already in arrears.   Results will vary.  All processes are done on a "best efforts" basis.
GSA is an administrative services organization.  We are not a debt collection agency or law firm and do not offer legal, tax, accounting or investment advice.


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   Membership $300 (required)

Each applicant must first be a member.  Not yet a member?  Signup here.

  Each action - very low price:
     $795; $895 Bankruptcy

Each process includes: Stop action notice; stoppage of further collections; removal of liens, levies or garnishment; expungement of court case; settlement of outstanding balance by the creditor/collecter (not you); notice to appropriate entities of payment in full; credit bureau notification as paid in full. 

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  Nothing to repay

  No Credit Check

  No Employment Verification

  Approval Guaranteed

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Take control of your financial future by stopping unwarranted attacks by banks, the IRS (US), the CRA (Canada), attorneys, bill collectors and lawsuits.

Then, direct the settlement of your struggling bank loans, IRS and CRA debt plus restore your credit simultaneously. 

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